Legal Name of Business: 247VoIP Services, LLC Address of Company: 130 E. Voris St. Akron, OH 44311 Telephone: (844) 247-8647 Website: Email: Date of Incorporation, Registration Number: 01/09/2015, 201500900933   Name of Business Owner: Melvin Ejiogu Email: What is the Nature of the business? Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. We provide business […]

BVN Enrolment Centres Outside Nigeria

Nigerians living outside the country can now register for their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN), by simply booking an appointment online at or to enrol for your BVN at the following designated OIS or VSF centres: GTBank London Office 60-62, Margaret Street, London W1W8TF, UK Enrolment Fee: Free for all customers in the U.K Tel: +44 […]

How Africa’s top young entrepreneur for 2015 wants to solve the jobs crisis

Brought to you by: The Anzisha Prize A few weeks ago 22-year-old Chris Kwekowe was announced the 2015 Grand Prize winner of The Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for youth entrepreneurship. He is the first Nigerian recipient of the award and takes home US$25,000. Kwekowe is the co-founder of Slatecube, an online platform he started with […]

Agriculture: Africa’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Across many emerging economies, rapid industrialisation and urbanisation is placing strains on the world’s food resources. For example, as the Chinese diet changes towards including more meat and moves towards parity (in calorific and compositional terms) with diets of developed countries, an area the size of the UK will need to be farmed, just to […]

Where are the key grocery retail battlegrounds in Africa?

  For more than a decade, the race among grocery retailers to establish and grow their store footprints across Africa has been ongoing. Most casual observers know about Shoprite – which has stores in 14 countries, and Walmart and Casino, which are each in 13 countries. But there are actually four distinct axes of international […]

African Countries Most At Risk From A US Fed Rate Increase

Most of the world expected the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates today for the first time in nearly a decade, impacting the global economy. Many emerging markets have good reason to worry, CNNMoney reports. Emerging-market companies and governments borrowed heavily in dollars over the last decade because rates were low. Investors eagerly poured money into emerging markets like […]

10 Things You Should Know About Africa’s Future Workforce

Africa is a continent that is filled with potential, with the population of the continent continuing to grow as an increasingly younger demographic begins to take shape, in contrast to many other parts of the world, where ageing populations are the order of the day. The seventh African Population Conference (APC) jointly hosted by the […]

Unreasonable East Africa, Startup Accelerator Tells Young Africans It’s OK To Fail

Joachim Ewechu grew up wanting to be an entrepreneur and when he realized other young people in Uganda had similar dreams, he decided to figure out a way to make them come true. Ewechu is CEO and co-founder of Unreasonable East Africa, part of the U.S.-based international business accelerator, Unreasonable Institute, for entrepreneurs who want to address social and environmental issues. […]