lagosnightDestination Africa…With an Estimated value of about 26.5 million Africans currently residing in foreign countries due to academic, career, ancestral roots or  personal goals, the fact still remains that no matter the factor, most Africans wish to return to their country of origin someday.

PRIDE OF LAGOSBeing the Dynamic environment it has established itself as, Africa is a continent which offers opportunities for work, enterprise and personal growth disregarding various criticism of slow or halted progress in terms of development in all facets of continental Stability. We strongly believe that just as each and every single human has a role to play in this world, every African has a role to play and a certain task to execute in the motherland; and to those yearning to come back and be a part of this great mission, DIASPORA COMMUNITY is here to make that vision a reality.

6298091413_4164ff66a4Who are we? Diaspora Community is a web-based community aimed at guiding African businesses in Diaspora seeking to do business in Africa or connect with other diaspora businesses in ensuring a fulfilled feeling of self-realization by providing opportunities in capacity in building of our continent. This would be made possible by interacting with the Africans living in foreign countries, through the use of online forums, social media and discussions thereby enhancing awareness and developing the business and organisational structure of our home based economy for those that want to effectively reach and engage with them.