Ebola can be transmitted through sex – WHO warns

May 9, 2015 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued an interim advice on the possibility of Ebola Virus of being sexually transmitted. The WHO had directed all Ebola survivors and their sexual partners to receive counselling to guard against possible transmission of the disease. This is contained in a statement made available by WHO […]

Benni McCarthy: Former South Africa striker robbed at gunpoint

May 7, 2015 Former South Africa striker Benni McCarthy has been robbed at gunpoint at a barber shop in Johannesburg. McCarthy, 37, was targeted in the shop where armed men stole jewellery from him, according to his agent Percy Adams. Adams said one man pointed a gun at McCarthy’s face and demanded his watch, earrings […]

Final Malaria Vaccine Trial Gives Hope To Many African Children

April 25, 2015 Africa could get a partial vaccine against malaria by October if the final trail by British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline goes to plan and get approved by international regulators. The vaccine, which has been in development for over two decades and has cost more than $500 million so far,  could save up to […]

Meet the Man Whose Tablet Invention Could Save Millions of Lives in Rural Africa

April 22, 2015 While HIV/AIDS is generally known to be the biggest killer in Africa, you might be surprised to learn cardiovascular disease (CVD) is second on that list, and for adults over 30 years old, it is the most common cause of death in the continent. The lack of cardiologists in impoverished rural areas means […]

Zimbabwe encourages booming Tobacco trade, but discourages smoking

April 21, 2015 Zimbabwe’s tobacco exports in 2014 was 235 percent higher than that of 2009, and the government is keen to leverage this to fuel an agricultural boom. However, the government is also engaged in an active campaign to discourage citizens from smoking. Zimbabwe’s tobacco industry is now the major propellant of the country’s agricultural […]

‘Mystery’ disease which kills within 24 hours leaves 17 dead in Nigeria

April 20, 2015 A ‘mysterious’ disease has killed eighteen people during just a few days in a small town in Nigeria. The outbreak started in Ode-Irele in the south eastern part of the country, and has since spread rapidly in the Ondo state. The disease kills victims within 24 hours of showing symptoms, which are […]

Truvada pill cuts HIV spread by 86 %, study says

April 20, 2015 Truvada contains the HIV treatment drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine, which may prevent HIV infections among men who have sex with other men, according to a study done in England The UK Medical Research Council released results of a study showing the Truvada drug cut the spread of HIV, by 86 percent among men […]

Fury as 700 feared dead in ‘avoidable’ Med shipwreck

April 20, 2015 Rome (AFP) – More than 700 people are feared to have drowned after an overcrowded boat smuggling them to Europe capsized off Libya, officials said Sunday, prompting demands for the European Union to react to the Mediterranean’s deadliest migrant disaster to date. Italy’s coastguard, which was coordinating the search for survivors and […]

World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines Explained for Adults

April 15, 2015 So, someone asked me recently if there were guidelines for being active. Well people, we do. WHO is the health governing body of the world and they have put up guidelines for physical activity for optimal health. I’ll start with the guidelines for adults. According to WHO, adults are aged 18-65years old. […]