What You’ll Pay For Fine Dining In 12 African Cities

Traveling can get expensive for a foodie. In many cities, you’ll have to make up for the money you spend on high-end meals by staying in hostels. That’s why Africa might be an appealing choice for those who want the steak dinners and the fluffed pillows. Here’s a look at what you’ll pay for fine dining in 12 African

Lines Out The Door As Krispy Kreme Opens In South Africa

More than 200 Joburgers camped out overnight for a first taste of the iconic U.S. Krispy Kreme doughnut — still warm and dripping glaze, fresh off the conveyor belt — at Wednesday’s opening of the first South African and African store, according to a report in EatOut. Sixteen doughnut flavors will be on sale — the top 10 bestsellers in

Cosmopolitan Cuisine: The Best Restaurants In Lagos

With over 20 million people in the metro area, it’s no surprise that Lagos packs a punch in terms of fantastic cuisine. The city also has a large amount of expats, and they have brought their food with them from places like England, France, India and Lebanon to mix with the already delicious Nigerian fare. Here

Why #ThePriceOfBreadMustFall matters

Amidst the #FeesMustFall protests, a second #MustFall has emerged and has largely fallen under the radar: #ThePriceOfBreadMustFall. On Tuesday, a group of activists occupied the Shoprite in Khayelitsha Mall demanding lower food prices generally, and bread prices in particular. This is an important moment, as although the right to food is a constitutional right under

African Coffee Shops Boom Driven By Meals, Consumption Rise Slowly

“Coffee is driven by meals.” That is the explanation Charlse Kihiko, the founder of Kenya’s newest coffee shops chain, Urban Coffee, gave in an interview with Business Daily. Kihiko, who bought his first coffee shop from his former employer, Dormans, before it sold out to rival company ArtCaffe in 2012, has expanded the business to

Your Kale Chips and Expensive Juice Have Nothing on West African Food

Eastern Europe is full of rich and varied food traditions. The wooly Mangalitsa pigs of Hungary make for beautiful sausage. Albania’s version of borek is the ultimate incarnation of simple comfort food. The khachapuri of Georgia even gives pizza a run for its money. Putting flavor aside, however, it is not a land of healthy

23 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

1. Jollof rice   What it is: Not whatever the hell Jamie Oliver said it was. Jollof’s base ingredient is always rice, and “TPO” (tomato, pepper and onion) plus scotch bonnets. It’s customisable according to your preference: make it hotter than the sun, or as mild as a European’s palette (jk, but not really). Add

9 exotic unusual restaurants in africa

June 17, 2015 Sometimes you get tired of the same old same old when it comes to dining out, and you want a night out someplace a little different or unusual. Well, the following places allow you to to break out of your rut and dine with sharks, or in a tree, or even in

China Used Ebola Crisis For Systematic Pillaging Of W. Africa Fisheries, Greenpeace Says

May 20, 2015 Chinese fishing companies are engaged in systematic pillaging of West African fisheries on a huge scale, according to a new report from Greenpeace, which also says the companies took advantage of weak and chaotic governance resulting from last year’s Ebola outbreak in the region. A two-year investigation by the environmental group Greenpeace found that

15 Foodie Destinations To Discover In Africa

April 21, 2015 While almost everyone extols Asia’s, Europe’s, and North America’s food scenes, Africa often gets the cold shoulder. Africa has some of the most unique, and tastiest food in the world and its culinary offerings are as diverse as the people and countries that comprise it. With hundreds of different styles of food and