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What You’ll Pay For Fine Dining In 12 African Cities

Traveling can get expensive for a foodie. In many cities, you’ll have to make up for the money you spend on high-end meals by staying in hostels. That’s why Africa might be an appealing choice for those who want the steak dinners and the fluffed pillows. Here’s a look at what you’ll pay for fine dining in 12 African cities.

N’Djamena, Chad: $11

The Ali Baba Restaurant in N’Djamena, the largest city in Chad, has quite a bit of French influence. Ali Baba offers generous plates of Lebanese cuisine like tabbouleh and hummus and has the reputation of being one of the best restaurants in Chad, according to You can expect to pay $11 and up for a full meal.

Luanda, Angola: $35

Africa’s most expensive city for expats, Luanda is home to Cais de Quatro, a trendy, fusion-cuisine restaurant offering everything from sushi and steaks to pizza. The spacious balcony overlooks the water, and for those who want to stay inside, there is a popular bar. Entrees start at around 5,000 Angolan Kwanzas — just over $35, according to

Libreville, Gabon: $25

If you’re craving a mixture of French and Italian cuisine in Libreville, stop by Roma Restaurant—a spot that Italian travelers describe as authentic on Entrees range from $25 to $55.

Abuja, Nigeria: $20

If you have a leisurely meal at the luxurious Blucabana—a members-only swim and beauty club that opens its restaurant to the public—you can choose from a vast menu of barbecue meats and seafood, specialty pizzas, and gourmet appetizers. A plate of barbecued fish with sides costs around $20, according to

Conakry, Guinea: $15

For a little taste of everything while you’re in Guinea’s largest city, stop by Le Damier. For full meals, you’ll enjoy French cuisine on long tables on the red-carpeted patio. To satisfy your sweet tooth visit its famous chocolate shop or pastry stop. You can enjoy a plate of duck with olives, pasta, and pesto or sea perch with gravy for between $12 and $15, according to

Bamako, Mali: $35

If you want to mingle with visitors from around the world, visit Le Loft restaurant in the swanky Le Loft Hotel. The menu constantly changes , as, states, but you can always expect items like steak frites and foie gras. Appetizers start at $18, and there are dishes that cost $60.

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo: $21

At Mami Wata, you’ll experience a vibrant Congolese atmosphere with tropical décor and a spacious layout. The menu is international, but you can grab local cuisine like fish wrapped in cassava leaves. reports that you can indulge in a three-course lunch for just around $21.

Lagos, Nigeria: $30

If you want to be a part of the in crowd, grab dinner at Bungalow in Lagos where you can catch a local sports game on the big screen while dining on artistically-plated dishes of sushi and seafood. A large platter of mixed seafood can run you around 5,000 to 7,000 naira — around $30 — according to

Kinshasa, Republic of Congo: $20

Visitors to Limoncello rave about the place on The restaurant itself is said to be clean and neatly laid out with gorgeous green plants all over. This is the place to go for pizza, salad and pasta. Prices range from $15 to $30.

Victoria, Seychelles: $10

The capital of Seychelles is a must for foodies on a budget. Dinner at the restaurant and casino Pirate’s Arms is just around SCR 120, according to, which is just under $10. The menu offers a wide range of cuisine from Creole dishes to hamburgers.

Johannesburg, South Africa: $21

For those wanting an old world, cigar-lounge vibe, sit down for dinner at the Grillhouse. According to, you can enjoy a three-course meal including items like chicken livers peri peri, beef kebab and grilled kingklip for 315 rand — around $21.

Nairobi, Kenya: $40 to $100

You may need to work up your stamina to eat in one of Nairobi’s top restaurants, The Carnivore. As the name implies, here you can eat every type of meat imaginable from skewered kidneys to crocodile, says You can order a la carte for around $40 or choose a set menu, which can cost you up to $100.

Source: Julia Austin, AFK Insider

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