Where are the key grocery retail battlegrounds in Africa?

  For more than a decade, the race among grocery retailers to establish and grow their store footprints across Africa has been ongoing. Most casual observers know about Shoprite – which has stores in 14 countries, and Walmart and Casino, which are each in 13 countries. But there are actually four distinct axes of international

Walmart is coming to Nigeria: Nigerians respond

Last Thursday, the governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, assured a delegation of Walmart executives that he was ready to give the necessary support to assist the firm in establishing its presence in Lagos. Ambode said the presence of the Walmart brand in Lagos would go a long way not only to create jobs

Opinion: Sport As A Career For Africans – It Pays To Play Away

As children many of us dream of becoming sportsmen and women, reaching the heights of the superstars that we see on television screens and enjoying the sport we love as our careers. But this only happens for few of us, and perhaps at some point in our journey to adulthood it becomes clear that this