World Bank Group Recruitment Drive for African Nationals

The World Bank Group is launching a recruitment drive aimed at increasing the number of Sub Saharan Africans in its work force. This commitment to hire Sub Saharan Africans reflects the Bank Group’s senior leadership commitment for a diverse workforce in which African nationals can play a key role in fighting poverty and increasing shared

10 Attractive Business Opportunities In Africa for Black People In The Diaspora

From a long term perspective, by population alone, Africa offers enormous opportunities. UNICEF has predicted that in the next 35 years, Africa’s population will increase by 1.8 billion people, and with a number of the world’s fastest growing economies located in Africa, the opportunities for business will continue to increase. Below is a compilation of

Hong Kong firm wants to give African start-ups access to Asian market

Hong Kong-based start-up accelerator, Nest Investments, is seeking to invest in globally scalable African technology start-ups. Nest has invested in dozens of start-ups in Asia, the US and Europe. With its Nairobi office, Nest becomes the first Hong Kong-based venture capital firm to set up in Africa. Aaron Fu, the Africa managing partner for Nest,

The 10 countries that imprison the most people

Barack Obama has laid out sweeping reform proposals on the US criminal justice system this week in the hope of reducing the country’s prison population. As part of a week-long focus on the issue, Obama will become the first serving US president to visit a federal prison when he travels to El Reno Correctional Institution


What started as a dream soon turned into a reality for Vusimuzi Mbatha. The 35-year-old man from Siza informal settlement near Rustenburg, who’s dream was to fly a helicopter before he dies, decided to take fate into his hands by building his own helicopter. Vusimuzi Mbatha, who originally hails from Libode in the Eastern Cape,

Zimbabwe Can’t Create Jobs, Plans To Profit From Exporting Skilled Labor

In an effort to take control of its brain drain, Zimbabwe has agreed to act as a recruitment agency and send skilled Zimbabweans to fill job vacancies in Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Sudan, CNBCAfrica reports. “We are coming up with a policy as a ministry to help our skilled manpower to get jobs because there are countries with vacancies in various

10 Most Dangerous Jobs In Africa

With a large informalSECTOR, many government in Africa are usually unable to inspect most of the workplaces to ensure that employers are taking good care of their workers. Occupational accidents are common as companies flout safety regulations put in place by state agencies. A research done by ScienceDIRECT estimated that slightly over 54,000 fatal occupational

Buhari Dissolves NNPC Board Of Directors

Reports just reaching us indicate that President Muhammadu Buharihas sacked Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) board of directors. This is also according to a letter signed by Danladi Kifasi, head of the civil service of the federation. In the letter, Buhari thanked members of the dissolved board for their services to Nigeria. More details later…

Q&A: Recruitment In Africa Is Not An Employer’s Market Anymore

Unemployment in Africa is a big challenge and no one knows this better than Perminus Wainaina, managing director at Nairobi-based Corporate Staffing Services. His seven-year-old company, that also co-owns and manages one of Kenya’s top jobs websites Career Point Kenya, helps both local and international firms recruit staff in the East Africa region. Together with

African Jobs: Is Youth Unemployment A Threat Or Opportunity?

June 23, 2015 “Youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb for all of us,” Zambia’s long-standingFINANCE Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, once said. This statement remains true to date as Sub-Saharan Africa’s populationGROWS at the fastest rate in the world with over 65 percent of people living on the continent being below 30 years old and 200