Uganda Canadian Association of Saskatchewan


Uganda Cultural Association of British Columbia



Ugandan Diaspora

Welcome to the Ugandan Diaspora


Ugandan North American Association


Ugandan UK Convention / Ugandan UK Diaspora Trade and Investment Expo



UAH  is an affiliate of the famous parent forum called Ugandans at Heart(UAH). Its main objective is to accommodate a summary of some of the most important discussions on the UAH forum. Articles from UAH forum which are considered to be so ‘beautiful’ and well researched will find their way into the UAH blog. This is intended to give a chance to non-members of UAH forum to read what the UAH forum is all about. The UAH  is useful for academic researchers, students, scientists and politicians who are not members of the UAH forum.



United Nimba Citizens

61 North 11th Street

Newark, NJ 07101

Tel: (973) 399-1169


Unita Fondazione Ghana International (Italy)

Unita Foundazione Ghana was established in Ghana October 2009. It is an independent organisation with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. That operates in Ghana and Italy.



United Nimba Citizens Council

835 Squirell Hill Road

Charlotte, NC 28213


Urhobo National Assoc.

P.O. Box 8433

New York, NY 10116

Tel: (718) 832-7339


Ugiri Progress. Community

P.O. Box 737245

Elmhurst, NY 11373


Umuna Assoc. of Chicago

P.O. Box 7687

Chicago, IL 60680


Umunnakwuike Assoc. of  Owerri

P.O. Box 3603

Baltimore, MD 73003


Umunne Coop. Assoc.

1433 Frankjlin Avenue, 7-A

Minneapolis, MN 55404



P.O. Box 45801

Madison, WI 53711


Union of Nigerian Friends

P.O. Box 1838

Arlington, TX 76004

Tel: (817) 784-9080


US Doctors for Africa

US Doctors for Africa is a humanitarian organization committed to increasing access to medical care for diseases and conditions affecting the people of Africa. By mobilizing and distributing medical manpower, supplies, and equipment to medical institutions throughout the continent of Africa, we are able to provide medical and preventative healthcare and capacity-building to regions of Africa without available medical services. US Doctors for Africa believes that healthcare is a basic human right, and recognizes that a healthy population is essential for growth, development, and prosperity in every society.


United Nigerian Assoc. of Delaware

P.O. Box 5882

Newark, DE 19714


Urhobo Club of Nigeria U.S.

P.O. Box 778

Bronx, NY 10467

Ugandan No. Amer. Assoc.- Los Angeles Chapter

P.O. Box 3835

Van Nuys, CA 91407


Ugandan No. Amer. Assoc. Washngton D.C. Chapter

P.O. Box 11595

Burke, VA 22009

Tel: (202) 473-1592

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