Driver’s licenses are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). All drivers looking to obtain their licenses for the first time in Nigeria must attend a driving school and pass a driving test before applying for a driver’s license. This also includes anyone who already has a driver’s license issued from any foreign country as Nigeria does not recognize foreign licenses.

The FRSC informational website ( lists 9 steps to obtaining a license for the first time:

1. Attend a training course at an accredited training school. Search for training schools close to you here:

2. The driving school will then present you to a Vehicle Inspection Officer for a driving test.

3. If you pass the driving test, the VIO will present you with a certificate of proficiency and you may now proceed to the Driver’s Licensing Centre.

4. Complete the driver’s license application form at the DLC.

5. Pay the appropriate fees online ( or at the bank.

6. Present your application form to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue)

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