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Tanzania Diaspora Fund

Tanzania Diaspora Fund - TDF

The importance of Diaspora investment can never be undermined, and in recent years the government of Tanzania along with its public have done nothing but to highlight that importance. It is our turn to respond positively and creative, while minimize any risks and maximize the potential returns both financially and socially.
Choice Capital is committed to ensure this process is done transparent among all stakeholders, and involves all interested parties during the formulation of the fund to the profit sharing time.
Therefore we take pride inviting all the Tanzanian Diaspora and their friends to participate on this linkedin forum to discuss any concerns, ideas and ways of building a more forward thinking fund which is relevant to the challenges existing within the country today.
I believe Tanzania Diaspora Fund will pave the way on developing the SME market sphere, while creating endless possibilities for the Tanzanians and become an economical bridge between the Tanzania Diaspora and home.


Tanzania Diaspora Students’ Forum


Tanzania Professionals Network


Tanzania is among the poorest nations of the world where more than fifty percent of her population live below the poverty line; and that the main cause of poverty is under development which can be expressed in terms of unemployment, underproduction, high rate of illiteracy, low level of Science and Technology and imbalance in its trade balance caused by among others unmanageable external debt and lopsided international trade practices



Togolese Diaspora for Democracy and Development (Diastode)


The Ogbomoshos in U.S.A.

P.O. Box 896

New York, NY 10030


The Org. of Nigerians in the Americas

P.O. Box 200985

Austin, TX 78720


Tegloma Organizations

426 Lamont Street NW

Washington, DC 20010

Tel: (301) 649-4777


Tunisian American Young Professionals

Our association aims at increasing the effectiveness of economic and investment flows between the US and Tunisia, and creating a networking platform for Tunisians who live (or lived) in the United States to help each other professionally.



Tunisian Community Center 

The Tunisian Community Center

The Tunisian Community Center is a American, non-governmental and politically neutral, secular, private, volunteer organization. Since 1999, when it was formed, and until after the end of the old Tunisian regime in 2011,its founders as well as its officers and volunteers, had no any affiliation with any Tunisian political party.

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