Stop moaning and just do it, Dutch legend tells United manager

January 5, 2015

Johan Cruyff reacted to Van Gaal’s constant cry over the number of games each team in the EPL has to play during the festive period when they should be resting

Van Gaal managed in Spain and Holland where the Christmas and New years periods are given as breaks for every team.

United manager, Louis Van Gaal has been complaining since he moved to Old Trafford, specifically arguing the busy schedules the players have to face during year-end.

In his latest comment in December, the 63 year-old said: “Everybody knows the body cannot recover within 48 hours

“Therefore there is a rule within UEFA and FIFA that you cannot play the games within two days. The scientists have proven it, everybody knows it and, in spite of that, we have to play.”

Netherland’s 1974 and 78 World Cup legend, Johan Cruyff in reaction challenged his fellow Dutchman to focus on the matches and not the fixtures.

“If you choose for [a job in] England, then you choose for their successful system, which is based on the proposition that the stadiums open as soon as the fans are available to watch, which is the holiday period.

“Playing football between Christmas and New Year is a war of attrition and thus in favour of physically stronger teams. Complaining makes no sense if everyone else around you is happy. Moreover, everybody is well paid for working over the holiday period.”

Source: Macaulay Maduwuba, Pulse NG

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