Siemens opens doors for digitalisation skills development across Africa

CAPE TOWN – Siemens is handing over equipment specifically related to industrial automation that enables integrated engineering to 13 engineering faculties at universities and colleges in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya. 

Siemens sees this as an opportunity, especially in Africa, to embrace new and exponential technologies combined with human talent to accelerate industrialization and drive economic growth.

 This is part of the company’s commitment to sustainable skills development across the continent. 

The value of the equipment is close to R5.5 million.

 “The uneven development of the past can only be overcome with locally engineered solutions,” says Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens Southern and Eastern Africa”. 

“In an African context, disruptive technology can be seen as an opportunity to leapfrog into the best and most advanced technologies, but this is only possible with access to the right training and equipment.”

This will ensure graduates, and therefore the emerging workforce, have the skills necessary to effectively lead large-scale digitalization across the continent, resulting in long-term benefits to economic growth. 

“Convergence of man and machine intelligence will enable a new era of speed, flexibility, efficiency and connectivity in the 21st century”, Says Dall’Omo. 

“The conversation about man vs machine is not an either-or scenario.  Ongoing education and training have a positive effect on both business and society”. 

Factory automation and electrical engineering equipment donations have been made to the following local institutions:

1.Northlink College, Western Cape
2. Boland College, Western Cape
3. Stellenbosch University, Western Cape
4. Port Elizabeth College, Eastern Cape
5. Nelson Mandela University, Eastern Cape
6. North West University, North West
7. University of Pretoria, Gauteng
8. Sol-Tech College, Gauteng
9. Mangosuthu University of Technology, KZN

With this handover, the company collaborated with each institution to ensure they received the products suited to their specific training needs. 

“A strong pipeline of talent with the relevant skills and knowledge is beneficial to governments and businesses, while young people advance into jobs and careers with increased economic opportunity if they have the right skills., says Dall’Omo. 

 Early next year, Siemens will hand over further donations of automation and electrical engineering equipment to institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.


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