On Arrival to Nigeria, the question “where do I stay?” springs up first in mind. Hotels are out of the question because you plan on making this a long term stay. A rented apartment is not a bad idea if you do not have a home or an estate of your own. For short term furnished apartments you can try facilities like Millennium Apartments and Studios. Keeping in mind your budget prepared for accommodation, it’s always a good idea to initiate a property search for either a piece of land you could buy to start a building project of your own home —or search for a completed residential dwelling if you do not want to spend time waiting during the construction phase which will lead to expending more resources.

Investing in Real Estate is lucrative and quite profitable, thus making it a worthwhile venture to delve into. Location of the preferred form of accommodation and its proximity to the essential infrastructure and basic amenities is also a huge factor to take into consideration.


A list of Real Estate /Property Development Firms will be uploaded shortly:

1. MCO Real Estate Limited Lagos
2. Millennium Apartments and Studios