PorkMoney reveals huge potential for pig farming in Nigeria, Ghana

With a growing population currently at 180 million from the 6.5 billion world population, indications has emerged that pig farming can relieve the nation on the unemployment pressure faced by Nigerians as well as other developing Africa countries.

‘Ghanian actor and business man John Dumelo with the Founder and CEO of PorkMoney, Folorunsho Muyiwa’.

Vanguard’s findings show that, in 2017, South Africa exported 13,500 metric tonnes of pork, or 5.5 percent of its total production, mostly to neighboring countries such as Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Statistic also revealed that, Pork is the widely eaten meat in the world, accounting for over 40 percent of the world’s meat consumption, with high level of protein, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acid and is good for overall health.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, PorkMoney initiative, Folorunso Muyiwa will partner with stakeholders who share in the ideals of pig farming on the 4th of June 2018, to disclose massive potentials available for the nation.

PorkMoney, is an initiative that offers partners the opportunity to delve into pig farming that yield profits up to 35 percent in 11 months depending on the plan subscribed to; in what can be categorized as a “Good deal”! It is also a pig farm that have been designed with the most amazing framework for stakeholders to enjoy a stress free business that has a guaranteed Money Back proposition and would see profits maximized.

In a statement made available to Vanguard, Muyiwa said: “These impressive stats have nudged Pork Money to begin the Pork revolution in Western Africa, since Ghana and Nigeria are the largest consumers of Pork.

“Considering the health benefits of pork and the statistical revelation that point towards the viability of pig farming, the PorkMoney initiative came into being. PorkMoney has also partnered with Pig farmers and multiple Pig farms for Ghanaians whose teeming interest in Pig farming is overwhelming.

“Ghanaian actor and business man, John Dumelo has partnered with PorkMoney – a practical and beneficial collaboration because the company will run its operations in both Ghana and Nigeria, which happen to be the largest consumers of Pork in Africa.

“Apart from the health benefits, Pigs are not fussy eaters, they can and will eat almost anything you offer them, from waste garden plants to corn, and can graze. Grazing is typically controlled, they usually respect fences, so breeders generally do not have to build a very stout, high, or solid wall to keep them confined. Also, some pork parts like that of tenderloin, loin chops and sirloin roast made from the lean cuts are more healthy than chicken.”

Muyiwa’s experience spans over a decade of branding and marketing in e-commerce, transportation and Real Estate; His goal at Pig farming involves the raising and breeding of pigs majorly for food, with an objective aimed at satisfying PorkMoney’s partners, breathing a new life into Pig farming in West Africa.

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