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Nokia 7 Plus

The HMD Global, new managers of the Nokia brand, say they are working assiduously to recapture the market share and ensure sustainability of the brand.

In interview with a section of the Ghanaian media in Accra, HMD Global, said they seek to recapture the mobile phone market with the newly designed models to woo the taste of users.

Mr Justin Maier, the Vice President of HMD Global Sub Sahara Africa, said the company had been widely accepted in sub-Saharan Africa, stating that, the brand shipped 17million Nokia phones to Africa alone in 2017.
He said the brand, which operates in eight regions, including sub-Saharan Africa, had faced stiff competition as old users of the brand had shifted to the use of other smart phones.

He indicated that bringing back users in the older generation and the millennia generation consumers would be possible through partnerships.

Mr Maier said as a small company, they would also thrive by bringing innovation in the feature and smart phones market.

He said Ghana, which is among the three largest markets in sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria and South Africa, had been an extremely significant market for the growth and rebirth of the Nokia
phone brand.

On his part, Mr Patrick Henchie, the Head of Product and Operations of HMD Global Sub-Sahara Africa, said the company was going to bring a lot of innovations into the industry by partnering companies.

He said the new Nokia phones in the market were highly security sensitive as monthly security update had been added as well as a more durable battery life.

He said the brand was currently operating in more than 80 markets around the world with over 70 per cent initial users giving fantastic responses to the new Nokia phones.

On visibility of the brand in Ghana, Mr Henchie said the company was poised to make the brand more visible to the buyers in the coming days, saying that, the company was still at its initial stages and was strategizing for an effective brand visibility campaign.

He added that the company was not oblivious of the fact that customer satisfaction must be met, saying that “We will continue to bring satisfaction to Ghanaian consumers of the Nokia brand”.

Mr Henchie said as part of strategies to recapture the market to rapidly renew its portfolio of Nokia Android smartphones, it announced the release of Nokia 5.1, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 2.

These phones offer assistant to latest Google services such as Google Assistant, and that, the trio of smartphones continues to deliver secure and up-to-date Android experiences with Android One and
Android Go, combined with the premium craftsmanship and design expected from a Nokia smartphone and the performance to match.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, in December 2016 acquired the right to design and market a range of smartphones and feature phones targeted at consumers of various price points.

Source: GNA

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