“Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg” Creates First Private Online University

February 16, 2015

At only 25 years Gossy Ukanwoke runs the first private online university in Nigeria. He founded Beni American University (BAU) when he was 23. His previous idea of starting Students Circle, an educational social networking site he’d launched while in university that allows learners to interact and access free resources from leading schools, was a hit and had him nicknamed “Nigeria’s Marck Zuckerberg”.

Profiled by CNN,  the school allows students to access their classes at any time of the day with any internet-enabled device. Ukanwoke has hired 10 instructors and has about 200 students, with an average age of 26.

“When I created Students Circle in 2010,” Ukanwoke told CNN in an interview. “I found out that … many were looking for certificates, hoping that they could get something they could use to maybe find employment or get a promotion in the workplace.”

“We are providing executive programs for graduates who are looking for employment and want to build up their resumes, or managers who want to climb up the hierarchy of their companies,” explains Ukanwoke, “We also have courses targeted at people who want to start their own business.”

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