Is Vandalism To Blame For Poor Mobile Service In Nigeria?

February 17, 2015

Telecommunications service providers in Nigeria consistently blame poor service on vandalism of fiber optic cables that are located on the ground, according to a report in.

Phase3 Telecom wants carriers and other industry operators to consider deploying aerial fiber optic cables.

This will assure seamless services, according to Phase3Telecom CEO Stanley
Jegede. Phase3 is West Africa’s largest independent fiber optic cable infrastructure and telecommunications services provider, according to BizTecAfrica.

Aerial fiber optic cable is more reliable than terrestrial fiber, Jegede said. Terrestrial fiber is susceptible “to willful and accidental vandalism,” according to the report. It provides the best and most reliable transmission medium connecting cities in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Aerial fiber optic cables are usually run on the high tension wires of power distribution companies, making it difficult for vandals who might otherwise think they can profit by vandalizing cables,  reports.

Source: AFK Insider

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