In four years‚ 78% of South Africans will have internet access

Trends are predominantly upward despite a forecast decline in box office in 2017‚ down from a record high of R1.2-billion in 2016 to R1.1-billion in 2017.

The report says one of the reasons for the slight dip was a reduction in the number of films released. Local film releases were down by nearly a third in the first half of 2017 compared to the same period of 2016.

“The South African film sector‚ however‚ risks being undermined by the political and economic issues in the country as a whole. The travails of the national broadcaster and the problems reported by some producers in securing prompt payment of DTI incentives have created uncertainty‚” said the report.

With South Africa’s incentives‚ studio facilities‚ diverse locations and soft currency‚ the country has a chance to establish itself as a leading destination for international production.

“Furthermore‚ it has been calculated that the black middle class has more than trebled in size over the last decade. As affluence‚ access to credit and education levels have risen over this period‚ so has disposable income. With more screens opening to cater for this demand‚ cinema going will continue to grow.”

Myburgh said music streaming has grown by 76%.

“It is a saviour to the music industry in SA. When compared to previous years‚ music was declining. Now it has seen growth driven by streaming and live music‚” she said.

Myburgh said the key driver was getting the consumer experience right.


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