In 6 months, there’ll be power in all homes in Lagos || Fashola wants to show GEJ how it’s done

March 9, 2015

As his tenure nears its climax, Governor Babatunde Fashola wants to achieve something meaningful before leaving office… as well as prove a point to President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to him, the President needs to know that power can be generated, hence, he wants to make a statement.

However, his statement is dependent on something- the willingness of the EKO DISCOs to sign a contract with him, where part of their concessioning will be given to the state government.

Fashola made the statement on Sunday, March 8, at the commissioning of the 1.2 kilometer Glover Road and 8.5 megawatts, Peninsula Integrated Power Project, PIPP, Lekki, Eti-Osa Local Government Area.

He said: “In about six to eight months, there will be power in all homes in Lagos State.”

“So, let no one say that he has no money to deliver power for the entire country. This is the limit to which the law allows us to do, but we have done this to make a statement that power can be generated.”

“So, when they come with lies that power is impossible, you can tell them that we have power here; we make it possible.”

Fashola added that the project showed that the money to improve the Nigerian economy is here, “since we don’t need the World Bank to come and do this for us.”

Source: Y Naija

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