How Nigeria’s National Oil Company Plans to Tackle local Fuel Scarcity

March 4, 2015

Nigerian state oil firm, NNPC plans to address the current fuel scarcity by importing 1 billion litres of fuel in March, according to a report by analysis website, Nairametrics.

The NNPC Group MD, Dr Joseph Dawha, has already began supervising fuel stations within the capital city, Abuja, to restrict hoarding activities and anxiety particularly in the country’s most vibrant cities like Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt. He also explained that in actuality, there is sufficient petrol to attend to motorists’ needs.

“The problem we have is not really with the supply because there is enough supply. The PPMC has almost more than 800,000 metric tonnes that will be arriving in the month of March. This is over a billion litres in terms of our daily consumption.”

There is also the issue of pricing. Reports from commuters suggest that some marketers are selling way above the newly imposed price of N87. On this issue, George Osahon, Director of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), said his agency is teaming up with security agencies to ensure complete adherence. “We are going to get the law enforcement agencies to force them to sell and at the regulated price.

“We are doing that at several filling stations around the country; we are doing that to support PPMC and PPPRA and make sure that these things ease off as soon as possible.”

Source: Ventures Africa


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