Here you can list all types of courses and the cost. $10 hr for grade school | $12.50 hr for Middle school | $15 hr for High School, we have exam prep classes for SAT, ACT etc. We offer discounts for registering more kids.


We Offer Mathematics from K1 to K12

English Grammar

We teach from K1 to K12

Basic Science for grade schools

Basic science develops and establishes information to predict phenomena and perhaps to understand nature


Our Physics Tutoring for High School students


Chemistry for High School Students


Bilogy for High School Students

Virtual Field trips

We plan live virtual field trips with tour guides to vaious African historical locations where the kids or parents can see and ask questions. These will be virtual intereactive field trips

Nigerian Languages

We show and teach different thing from the Nigerian Culture and traditions. We will also teach the children and parents how to speak some some African languages. Languages from all parts of Nigeria will be taught, example

Prepping for an exam

If your child has an exam to take and needs speical attention in some of the subjects we offer, we can create a customised package to help him/her excel in their exam. 
We prep for SAT, ACT and other standardized exams

About The Lesson Teacher

Nigerians are the most successful academic immigrant community in the US and this starts from their strong educational background and work ethics in Nigeria and and we plan to instill these values in Children from all backgrounds across the World.
With our busy schedule, the burden of extra school work gets over powering. Futhermore, the cost of finding qualified tutors is also a major task.

What we have done at The Lesson Teacher is to reduce the educational work load at an affordable cost. Starting from just $10 an hour, you child will get all the help they need to make it through the academic year. Furthermore,  your child has a one on one with the teacher and has all the attention they require to strive. 

Everything is done virtually so there is no need to leave your home or expose your children to strangers or the corona virus. All you need is a good internet connection.

The first thing is to let us know what areas of studies you would like help with and how many hours a week. We will pair your children with teachers from Nigeria that will help them with their homework, general studies or exam preparations.

On weekends, we will have Arts, Cultural, and History classes  so that students will be exposed to a diverse culture and will get the opportunity to learn more about  Nigerian and African history in general.

In addition to that the three main Nigerian Languages  Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, we can teach any other Nigerian language you want. All you need to do is contact us and we will schedule it for you . We also offer other African Languages like Swahili, Akan etc.