Africa: towards a new malaria vaccine for children

39 A second malaria vaccine, R21/Matrix-M, has been officially prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO). The African media reported this, citing a WHO note and specifying that the vaccine, developed by the University of Oxford and produced by the Serum Institute of India, is now included in the WHO’s list of “prequalified vaccinations”. WHO

Ethiopia: one-stop shop opened for investors in industrial parks

86 In Ethiopia, the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) has launched the One-Stop-Service (OSS), an initiative that concerns Ethiopian industrial parks and aims to simplify and streamline the accession process for investors and businesses. The IPDC, according to the ENA news agency, will administer the One-Stop service in collaboration with the relevant government agencies such

What events impacted the African economy in 2023?

2023 was an interesting year for Africa, marked by a series of challenges that tested the resilience of economies across the continent. Nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Egypt grappled with formidable economic headwinds, notably high inflation and currency devaluation, exacerbating the already challenging living conditions for their citizens. Amidst these economic struggles, two nations,

The high and low moments of Nigerian football in 2023

Nigerian sports suffered some mixed feelings in the outgoing year 2023. Even with the change of baton at the highest level of sports administration in general, and football in particular; the country has recorded some below average performances. At the Ministry of Sports in 2023, the country witnessed a change in leadership with Sunday Dare

BAT addresses $110m FCCPC fine, resolves penalty payment

British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) has said it has made payment to resolve the $110 million fine by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC). According to a statement seen by BusinessDay, BATN said that it had previously disclosed the investigation mentioned by the Nigerian Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) in its