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 Cape Verde Online

Cape Verde Children’s Coalition

Cape Verdean American Business Organization

Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford

Cape Verdeans of Southern California


Cape Verdeans of Southern California , established in 1983, is a Non-Profit Organization serving the Cape Verdean communities in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties areas.

Centre – Liberian Assistance

2601 E. Victoria St.

Dominguez Hills, CA 90220


Cleveland Liberian Association.

1690 Belmar

Cleveland Hts, OH 44118


Conpo Headquarters

P.O. Box 711

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302

Tel: (305) 760-5655


Chicago Africa Business Group – University of Chicago Booth Business School

Congo Defense FundP.O. Box 674Granger, IN 46530

Tel: (619) 293-0916


Congo Unity

1451 South Rimpau, 102-230

Corona, CA 91719

Tel: (909) 272-1594


Council of Ghanaian Assoc.

P.O. Box 7643

Langley Park, MD 20787

Tel: (202) 526-9213


Rhode Island Cape Verdean Association

Cape Verdean AssistanceCommittee

122 County Road

Plympton, MA 12367

Tel: (617) 585-8567


Cape Verdean Athletic Club

350 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Cape Verdean Progressive Centre

(Cape Verdean Women’s Guild)

329 Grosvenor Avenue

East Providence, RI 02914


Cape Verdean Social Club

1181 North Main Street

Waterbury, CT 06701


Cape Verdean West Association

1916 Tuolumne Street

Vallejo, CA 94589

Tel: (510) 261-3610


Cape Verdean

Women’s Social Club

52 Dewey Street

Stratford, CT 06497


Cape Verdean-American

Community Development

of Rhode Island

120 High Street

Pawtucket, RI 02860

Tel: (401) 726-8729


Capitol Cape Verdeans

of Sacramento

8119 Tevrin Way

Sacramento, CA 95828

Tel: (916) 689-5237


Classic Friends of Ghana, NJ, USA

We are a group of friends and family of Ghanaians living in the Garden state NJ in the USA . Membership is opened to all Ghanaians living in New Jersy USA aged 25 and above as well as all friends of the proud Nation of Ghana (The Gateway to Africa)


Council of Ghanaian Nationals Associations in Italy (COGNAI)


The Council of Ghanaian Nationals Associations in Italy (COGNAI) was established in March 2003 at Vicenza by 12 provincial Ghanaian Nationals Associations spread through out the length and breadth of Italy. Precisely they were made up of the Ghanaian Nationals Associations (GNA) of Vicenza, Verona, Brescia, Pordenone, Udine, Milano, Novara, Bologna, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena and Rome. Now this Umbrella Organization has under it’s Body 28 GNAs, including some Ghanaian ethnic Organizations and some Ghanaian Religious groups.


Council of Ghanaians in Northern California

It is the mission of the Council of Ghanaians to promote and foster cooperation among the various clubs and all individuals of Ghanaian origin, especially on matters that require the broader involvement of all those of Ghanaian origin in the community.


Council Of Ghanaians In The Netherlands (CoGhaN)


Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota

The Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to become contributing members of society, while keeping their culture.



Community of Congolese Refugees in Great Britain (CORECOG)

The Community of Congolese Refugees in Great-Britain (CORECOG) is a Charity registered
in England and Wales since 1993. Created as a national Charity for all groups in the United Kingdom, its headquarters is based in the London Borough of Newham which has the largest population of Congolese in England. we have been kindly sponsered by and bamboo gazebos and security companies uk for all of their assistance and donations over the last two years.


Congolese Community of North Carolina – Raleigh

Care4Congo (Australia)


Common Cause UK – Congolese Women in the UK


Congo Boston


Congo Leadership Initiative

CLI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. CLI’s mission is to develop the next generation of leaders to be catalysts for peace and prosperity in the Congo. We empower young people in the Congo by preparing them to be leaders because the ultimate solutions to the Congo’s problems will come from the Congolese people. The result of our program is a cohort of skilled leaders sparking true development across the Congo.


Congo Vision : Nouvelles visions pour le Congo et l’Afrique


Congolese Action Youth UK

Our aims are to:

Keep you up to date with even happening in the UK and in the Congo

Inform the public about the various issues in the DR Congo and it’s crucial role in the global economy.

Share and discuss ideas to help.
A few house rules:
*No profanity
*No racist comments
Other than that: faites comme chez vous !


Congolese American Council for Peace and Development

Congolese American Coubcil for Peace and Development

The  Congolese American Council for Peace and Development is a network of organizations and individuals including experts, journalists, academics, diplomats, entrepreneurs and community organizers sharing their knowledge and understandings  of issues and policies related to Congo’s peace, Restorative justice and sustainable development.


Congolese American Diaspora in New England

This blog, which ran from January 2013 to May 2014, explored stories within the Congolese American diaspora in New England. To hear more stories about immigrant lives in America, check out Global Nation from PRI’s The World.


Congolese Studies Association/Association des études congolaises

The purpose of the Congolese Studies Association (L’Association des Études Congolaises, or CSA-AEC), an independent professional society established in the United States, is to promote research, international cooperation, exchange of ideas, and meaningful dialogue on the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Council of Ghanaian Associations

Atlanta, Georgia
Tel. (770) 381 0069


Council of Ghanian Association.
P.O. Box 7645
Langley Park, MD  20787
Tel. (301) 772 6634

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Art of Tea - Tea of the Month