AFRIMA leaves Nigeria for Ghana

The latter country, according to the organisers of the event, has met the requirements of the African Union (AU) Commission and AFRIMA. These requirements include immigration and visa application management, availability of a functional airport, a good land transportation system and security for guests. Ghana would now host the event for three years: from 2018 to 2020. 

There was an indication that Ghana would host the ceremony earlier in the year when the country hosted the AFRIMA Calendar Unveiling in Accra. “The people of Ghana are proud to host the 2018 AFRIMA world media calendar unveiling event and to receive the delegation of officials of AU and AFRIMA as well the talented artists and the media,” Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo said in May.

But when Music In Africa spoke to Michael Dada, head of AFRIMA, he expressed uncertainty. Nonetheless, the decision appears to be final as the National Planning Committee for AFRIMA 2018 was inaugurated by Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Ziblim Barri Iddi recently.

Iddi said his ministry would do its best in supporting the 2018 edition, which will take place under the theme Africa is Music. “Ghana is ready to host AFRIMA 2018, as AFRIMA creates a platform for opportunities for collaboration for between Ghanaian artists and other African countries,” the minister said.

So far, the awards body has asked for the submission of entries, closed the window for submissions and produced a list of nominees. It has also welcomed four new categories to the annual event. The winners will be selected through a public and jury voting process and the announcement will be made when the ceremony takes place in November. Other activities to take place include conferences and panels around the continent’s music business.

“Ghana was selected because we are capable and have the needed expertise,” said the regional director for AFRIMA, Francis Doku.  

The body’s West African director, Dan Obilor, said Ghana emerged as the winner even as Morocco, South Africa and serial host Nigeria demonstrated a considerable willingness to bring the growing awards to their country. Obilor added that AFRIMA would bring value to Ghana’s music and art industry. The event, he said, would be exciting.

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