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African Business Association

The African Business Association is a student-run organization of the George Washington University School of Business. We are dedicated to sharing information with the greater George Washington University community about the African business climate, exploring investment opportunities in Africa, and providing additional resources to African students and those with a general interest in Africa. We strive to connect thought leaders from around the world with the GWU School of Business community to share insights and perspectives about the opportunities in Africa. Our events are open to all members of the GWU community, professionals, academics and all those curious to learn more about Africa.


African Business Club – Harvard Business School

The Africa Business Club is dedicated to increasing the awareness within the HBS community of business opportunities on the African continent. Our activities are professional, educational and social in nature, and are open to all members of Harvard.


Asante Union Munich e.V. (Germany)

Ghanaian Diaspora

Africa Growth Initiative – Brookings Institution

The Africa Growth Initiative conducts high-quality policy research and analysis focused on attaining sustainable economic development and prosperity in Africa.


Africa Society of National Summit on Africa

The Africa Society is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan and diverse organization formed as a direct outgrowth of the National Summit on Africa, which launched in 1997 with grant support from the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This initiative resulted in the largest mobilization of Africa-interested individuals in the history of the U.S., with delegations from every state and territory. After contemplating how best to meet the needs and demands of nearly 20,000 constituents, the Summit’s Board of Directors and Secretariat voted to establish an organization devoted to educating Americans of all backgrounds, ages and statuses about the continent of Africa. To meet this goal, The Africa Society was launched in January 2002 at an event sponsored by one of its primary partners, Discovery Communications, LLC. Since, the Society has developed a wide range of educational programs targeting every age group and academic level.


African Advocacy Network

The AAN serves the growing Diaspora with community-based services focusing in legal assistance, employment counseling, housing guidance, psycho-social case management, and health education. AAN couples these programs with experienced and trained linguistic capacity in more than ten languages that span the African continent such as Amharic, Tigrinya, and Arabic to French, Wolof, Berber, Sonufu, and more.

African Community Resource Center

Provide the general African Society with access to the following:
Legal resident assistance information
College preparation program
Support with college process for the youth
Mentoring the youth tutoring and counseling
Adults computer education class.

Address :532 S. Vermont Avenue, 104

Los Angeles, CA 90020

Tel: (213) 367-1450



Algeria British Business Council

Bespoke business intelligence and advice from expert, professional teams to address the specific needs of your business.

Algerian American Association of Greater Washington


Algerian-American Association of Northern California



Algerian American Scientists Association

Algerian British Association

The mission of the Algerian British Association is to help the Algerian community in the UK to get together to foster cultural links between the British community, to help support the Algerian community and promote Algerian arts, culture and traditions. Also develop cultural and educational activities to benefit the British Algerian community as a whole.


Algerian Cultural Festival – London


Algerian International Diaspora Association


Algerian Society in Scotland



Association of . Angolan People in U.S.

4846 North Lawrence

Philadelphia, PA 19120


Angolan Communities Conference, U.S.A.


Angolan Community in London (UK)


Angolan Women for Leadership Association in UK

Angolan Women for Leadership Association in UK(AWLAUK) is a non-profit organization that is run almost entirely by volunteers. We engage in outdoor activities in the Coventy area where women share skill, experience, strenghts and ideas. We welcome women of diverse country, religions, ages, race and lifestyle.


Angolan Women’s Association (UMARU) (UK)

UMARU was initially formed to helping the integration of Angolan women into British Society. We also aim at helping in the promotion of Angolan women by elevating their education, cultural level and improving their general skills; promoting and strengthening the understanding of Angolan culture, heritage and solidarity amongst Angolan women and promoting awareness through discussion of issues affecting Angolan women and women worldwide. UMARU wants to be an adequate forum for exchanging experiences, discussing ideas, learning a little more about each other and sharing difficult and happy times. UMARU also wants to provide a perfect forum by keeping in touch with our country, sharing our hopes, and identities and bringing together different generations.

Amigos das Criancas

30 Wendover Street

Dorchester, MA 02125


Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

AMwA was founded to create space for African women to organise, build links with each other and speak for themselves. Since then, it has become one of the most recognised international development NGOs led by African women and run for African women, both on the continent and Europe. The organisation was founded and operates on the premise that African women have a key role to play in their own development and the shaping of their own destinies. In response to challenges faced by African women both on the continent and elsewhere.


Association of Zambians in California




Amigos de Boa Vista

93 Hall Street

East Providence, RI 02914


Amigos dos Concelhodos Mosteiros

142 Adams Street

Dorchester, MA 02125



915 Dorchester Avenue, 507

Dorchester, MA 02125


Assoc. Caboverdianae Brockton

100/102 Main Street

Brockton, MA 02403

Tel: (508) 559-0056


Akuapem-Mma Fekuw


14105 Jerimiah Lane,

Bowie, MD   20721
Tel. (301) 390-5145


Amunyeh Assoc.

534 North 56th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139


Asante Kotoko Association.
13946 Marbleston Drive
Clifton, VA   90124
Tel. (703) 802-0032


Asanteman Kuo
8660 Welbeck Way
Gaithersburg, MD  20897
Tel. (301) 670-9467


Assoc. of South California
P.O. Box 875189
Los Angeles, CA  90087
Tel./Fax (310) 675 6890


Assoc. of Moroccans in United States

P.O. Box 33028

Washington, DC 20033

Tel: (202) 462-7979 Ext. 47

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