15 things to do in 2015

January 02, 2015

It’s a brand new year, and that time for new resolutions. But we all know resolutions are made to be broken, meaning don’t make resolutions- just do it!

1) Travel

If you are the sort that only goes to familiar places, 2015 is a good year to connect with your adventurous side. Travel to other states of the country for a change, and for your vacations choose somewhere off the beaten track like Thailand or Siberia or Morocco.

2) Do a check
If you are the type that grows gray hair at the very thought of having a tooth out, 2015 is a good time to overcome your fear of dental and medical check-ups. A comprehensive medical check-up is in order, as well as the appropriate treatment if necessary.

3)Make a friend
Making friends is an exercise that should not have an age limit. Unfortunately, most of us cannot make a friend past the youth service year. Hook up with someone of the same or even opposite sex at least once a month and relearn the freedom that comes from cultivating real friendships. Also, don’t forget the old friends and the value they’ve always added to your life.

4) Take a course
For good students of life, learning is a never ending process, and the journey to self improvement has no destination. In addition, no knowledge is ever wasted. Pick up a course sometime at the beginning of this year and see it to a logical conclusion. It doesn’t have to be a difficult course.

5) Give to charity
Got a few bucks for an extra something here and there? Give it to a cause. It’s been said that the most fulfilled people are the ones that give so why not join the bandwagon?

6) Bake a bread/cake
Baking a bread from scratch is one thing the average person would never contemplate, yet bread is an everyday part of our lives. Baking one from scratch might help you to appreciate what goes into baking one.


7) Think of your financial future

If you’ve never thought of life after work, there’s absolutely nothing strange about you: the majority of people don’t. But they should, so it’s the year when you make a decision about what to do with life after retirement. You just might live that long!

8) Have your phone off for a week
Clearly you think this would mark the end of your life as you know it but hey- calm down. It won’t. instead, getting rid of your cellphone for a week might be one of the most emancipating experiences of your life.

9) Actually eat an apple a day, or an orange as the case may be. Who knows, you just might get used to it and at the very worst, you’ll come out with great skin.

10) Recycle something
Well, you’re either part of the planet’s problems or part of its solution. In an attempt to be part of the solution, use all your plastics again, only buy refills and make art with your broken glass. Go green or die trying

11) Give back to your profession

Maybe by mentoring someone new in your field, speaking at a conference, or being active in a local computer club (e.g., at a nearby high school). Let it be known that you walked this hallowed profession.

12) Declutter
A good place to start at decluttering your life is to give out half of the stuff in your wardrobe. Giving out stuff you don’t want is easy enough. Try giving out some stuff you want just so they will give someone else the joy they gave you.

13)Attend a funeral
It’s easy enough to attend a wedding or a naming ceremony, but not a funeral. Summon up the courage and invite yourself to one. There’s nothing like a funeral to remind you what your priorities are.

14) Do a puzzle
Any puzzle at all, and just because you can. Nothing like a puzzle to put you in touch with that inner child you lost so long ago.

15) Vote
It’s an election year. Make your voice count. If you have no candidate to vote in, at least you can vote out someone that doesn’t tickle your fancy.

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Source: Morenike Taire, Vanguard NG

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