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Zanzibar Diaspora Association

The Association is established with the following Vision:
To recognize and take pride in promoting the age-old relationship between the people
of the Americas and Zanzibar. It shall therefore strive to work toward improving the
existing relations by developing new and mutually beneficial relations and programs


Zanzibar Diaspora Scandinavia

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We owe this idea of setting up the Diaspora focal point to our dear departed brother Dr Yussuf Salim. This was the brain-child.  The idea was born at a meeting he chaired and which was attended by many Zanzibaris in the Diaspora, including those from  Germany,Britain and Sweden.

Zumunta Association

6315 Landover Road, T-2

Clieverly, MD 20785


Zumunta Georgia Chapter

3758 Highway 85, 8-B

Riberdal, GA 30224

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