The stunning map of the most desirable products on Google

June 19, 2015

The cost estimation website recently revealed a study that could well break many myths. Based on suggestions from Google when looking how much a product or service in a given country, the website published a world map fun things that people look for in each country.

Sometimes disturbing Research

So, people are looking for how to drive a camel in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. People wonder how expensive gasoline in Algeria, how much does a wedding in Nigeria or how expensive a computer in Ghana. Concerning Senegal, the cost of bread that is most sought after. More worrying: the cost of slaves in Mauritania …


Persistent stereotypes

Closer shots, people look how much a growth in France, a BMW in Germany, beer in Belgium and a Ferrari in Italy.


Unusual searches

Unusual side, people are wondering how much does a prostitute in Brazil and Colombia, a cosmetic nose surgery in South Korea … and a fighter jet in Russia. Finally, the United States is no exception: people wonder indeed what is the cost of a facelift in California. In the State of New York, it is the cost of cannabis is most often sought.


This study is not entirely rigorous. Indeed, Google’s suggestions are based on search history, date of research and the place where research is performed. Moreover, this analysis only covers research conducted in English so often, in the case of francophone Africa, by foreigners. Therefore, the clichés die hard! However, the study has the merit of emphasizing how each country is perceived.

Source: Afrizap

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