The most insulting things you can say to a man

In relationships you don’t usually intend on hurting your significant other’s feelings, but from time to time it is bound to happen. While men may seem strong and not easily offended, there are a few things that you can say that will definitely trigger a hot button. Ladies, try to avoid these hot button issues. While you do want to be honest with your man at all times, there is no reason to insult him or belittle him. That is completely unnecessary and can be very detrimental to your relationship. Remember, you should be supporting and uplifting your man, not insulting and tearing him down. Basically, try to avoid anything that makes your man feel like less of a man.

What do you think? What’s the worst thing you could say to a man?

"You're a bad father"

“You’re a bad father”

Most men are working hard either to be just like their dad (if they had a great dad) or to be so much better than their dad (if they had a terrible father). Telling them that they are falling short of their own goal is one of the most insulting things you can say to a man. Maybe he’s a full-time father and you think he’s working too much, not spending enough time with his kids. Or maybe he only gets his kids on certain nights and weekends. But either way, it’s not your job to tell him how he’s doing. If you do think he could be there for his kids more, find a kind and supportive way to say it. But don’t just say it out of spite because you know it will hurt him.


"You're broke/can't afford me"

“You’re broke/can’t afford me” Google Images

“You’re broke/can’t afford me”

Some women are quick to say “You can’t afford me!” but that can be a very hurtful thing to say. Falling in love and being in love with someone shouldn’t have anything to do with their bank account. Yes, it would be nice to be with someone on the same fiscal level as you, but there is no reason not to date someone just because they are “broke”. Maybe they’re working hard to pay off debts, maybe it’s student loans, or maybe they just live beneath their means! Whatever the case may be, you should never call a man broke. Don’t throw how much he makes back in his face if he’s really trying. If you are with a good man, he will work hard to provide for you and make sure that you have everything you need and a lot of the things you want.


"He's bigger than you"

“He’s bigger than you”

In your relationship, it’s best to try to be open and honest about everything, including your sexual history. But maybe it’s not necessary to go into too much detail. The age-old question is “Does size really matter?” and while it may or may not matter to women, it definitely matters to men. Making that comparison can be a very dangerous thing (and a slippery slope!). Don’t even do it, unless it is in his favor.


"You're just like your dad"

“You’re just like your dad”

The father-son relationship is a very delicate one. If your man has a great relationship with his dad, looks up to him even, this statement will clearly not be an insult. But if you know your man has a troubled relationship with his father, hates some of the things he’s done, and/or generally doesn’t respect him as a man – steer clear of this statement! Just don’t say it. Ever. Don’t even think it. Saying this one sentence to the man that you love will cut him deep like a knife in his heart. If you know he’s sensitive about this topic, pray for him. Pray for healing in this area and that his relationship with his dad will improve. But do not ever say this, even if it’s true, if you truly love your man.

"You're a mama's boy"

“You’re a mama’s boy”

While you want your man to have a great relationship with his mother (and grandmother and sisters), it is annoying and embarrassing if that relationship is at an inappropriate level. If he’s calling his mom multiple times a day and can’t make a decision without his mother’s approval, that may be a little too much. But try not to call him a “mama’s boy”. Telling him he can’t do anything without his mom holding his hand may make sense (and be true) in your head, but don’t say that to him. Try to find a better way to get your MIL or MIL-to-be out of your relationship without making him feel like a child.


Correcting him in public

Correcting him in public

One of the most annoying things women do in relationships is correcting their significant other in public! For some strange reason, women just always have to be right! It could be something simple and completely unimportant, but a woman will still feel the need to stop her man mid-sentence and correct him, sometimes multiple times in the same conversation! The sad thing is, most women don’t even realize they’re doing it. But try to be more aware of this one. If it’s something major, it’s perfectly fine to step in, but please, don’t sweat the small stuff. Correcting, insulting, and belittling him in public hurts his feelings and hurts his pride. It’s really not necessary to show off in front of your friends. It may seem funny to you at the time, but try to think twice before making your significant other the butt of the joke at the next party.

Source: Tara Carr, The Examiner

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