Stop the idiotic falsehood – Angry Nduom attacks follower

General News of Sunday, 17 March 2019


Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

Businessman and politician, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom appeared to have lost his cool when one of his follower who sought to suggest under an article he posted on Saturday, March 16, 2019 that he [Nduom] spearheaded the sale of 90% of Ghanaian industries to expatriates during the Rawlings era.

The Facebook user only identified as Kofi Amerika was asking the embittered businessman following the downgrade of his bank to a savings and loans company to give Ghanaians the peace of mind.

He wrote “Massa u spearheaded the sale of 90%of Ghanaian industries and companies to expatriate during the Rawlings y3n dwen”

Dr. Nduom who questioned the follower when he became the czar of privatization in the country sharply responded “Massa, stop this idiotic falsehood. Since when did I become privatization czar in Ghana?

Read full text of the article written by Nduom

This evening, I am asking why?

Why is it that no Ghanaian bank has crossed boundary and established in other African countries or the UK, Europe, Asia?

But banks from Nigeria, South Africa, France, etc have established in Ghana?

Why is it that we cannot name indigenous Ghanaian private sector companies that have been in business successfully for more than 50 years?

Why do we prefer state-owned or foreign owned to Ghanaian owned? We can’t allow our neighbors or school mates or “friends” to succeed?

Why is it that when a Ghanaian company faces challenges, the answer is close it, make noise and disgrace the owners? Aren’t challenges meant to be solved?

And we wonder why we continue to import everything? And wonder why the Cedi cannot match the pound or euro or dollar?

Why do we think that Dangote, Elumelu, Buffet, J P Morgan, Bill Gates did not face challenges or make mistakes on the way up? What if their companies had been vilified and closed when problems showed up?

So what if we stopped using the Cedi every time it lost value significantly against the dollar? What would we do?

And what if we banned political parties every time they lost an election? What would happen to NPP and NDC?

Why do we love sweet words, and those who promise “milk and honey”, no losses, no hard work, no problem and instant wealth yet live in these difficult conditions?

This will be taken down tomorrow, Sunday and replaced with Part Two.

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