Sim Shagaya’s uLesson Startup Raises $3.1M From TLcom Capital

Famous Nigerian entrepreneur Sim Shagaya’s new startup called uLesson has raised $3.1 million seed round led by TLcom Capital. The venture is introducing mobile programs, SD cards (which is a non-volatile flash memory for mobile applications), culture-specific programs, to bring a very productive study structure to secondary school education in Nigeria and South Africa.

Founded by Sim Shagay in 2019, uLesson is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Africa who revolutionized Nigerian electronic commerce by founding Konga and other startups. According to the officials, the startup is getting a good response from testers, and it is aiming to enter the market in February 2020 in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia.

“We have a massive gap…because more babies are born in this country….Unexpectedly, if the government is more efficient also it does not catch up with the educational needs of the young people,” says Shagaya.

uLesson, the e-learning platform, has an app-based home education kit for the students with a price of around $70. The package will contain dongle, SD cards, and a set of earphones to connect to mobile devices. The platform is used for learning complex methods of maths, physics, chemistry, and biology to represent them in an interactive manner for secondary academic exams.

The firm has already established 3000 videos for core subjects. Parents and children can update the app and can connect online temporarily for the best outputs and can use offline for the mass lessons.

In both Nigeria and Kenya, uLesson will face high competition from the existing ed-tech ventures, and Tuteria is top among them. However, a much experienced and veteran entrepreneur Shagaya is the advantage of the startup. Having a Harvard MBA and years of experience in electronics and business, the business analysts are expecting wonder from his new initiative. Besides, he can bring more investment in the ed-tech sector in Africa through uLesson.

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