Senegalese tech-Stakeholders make their Case about Tech-Ecosystem in Western Africa

Disrupt Africa conducts research to determine reputable ecosystem in Africa. This institution so far has contacted ecosystem players in many countries. Some of the economies include Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, and Nigeria. The time has now come to hear from Senegalese tech stakeholders’ case.

The managing director of MaTontine, Bernie Akporiaye, noted that Senegal has a good education system.  Moreover, he noticed the availability of young university graduates in the fields of software development.  Another key element that is well-developed is infrastructure system in the country. For instance, the country has a good electricity and low-cost internet connectivity. The presence of an international incubator (CTIC) plays critical roles. It aids in hosting events, attract investors and partners.  Senegal cities have good road-networks to ease navigation from one region to another. Easy access to the regional market (WAEC) region with a common central bank is tech strength.

The co-founder of YUX Dakar, Yann Le Beux argued that the main tech ecosystem asset is the political stability.  The existence of IT companies, digital population, and talented university graduates among many others.

The co-founder of noflaay, Jean-Pierre Mendy, explained his first encounter with the tech ecosystem. He narrated that it was in 2015 at Jokkolabs where he met many startup players. Some of the companies he interacted with include solar energy, smartphone, and education. He emphasized on the networking events and TV shows in the development of tech ecosystem.

The CEO of PayDunya, Aziz Yerima narrated that the region enjoys political stability. He added that central banks in these economies fund fintech entrepreneurs. The country is also made up of digital financial systems.

The co-founder of Weebi, Pierre Gancel, pointed out that the country is the source of the System D. The initiative focuses on providing a solution to the demanding situations. It helps in getting an innovative solution at affordable cost.  He also added that lack of funds is a challenge hindering business operations globally. He concluded that launching an enterprise in Dakar gives entrepreneurs a good experience of Western Africa.

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