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SA ‘racist’ crèche holds separate concerts for black and white children

Mini-Me Academy, a South African crèche in Pretoria has come under fire for holding two separate concerts for black and white children. Crèche owner, Johan Badenhorst has denied accusations of racism and discrimination.

A Pretoria crèche, Mini-Me Academy in South Africa has come under fire for holding two separate concerts for black and white children.

According to eNCA, parents have accused the crèche of racially segregating their children, while the crèche owner, Johan Badenhorst has been accused of racism, allegations he vehemently denied.

“It’s not that serious, I don’t have to do a lot I’m honest with you, I don’t have to do a lot to get this school on the perfect course because we didn’t do anything wrong intentionally, yes things came out wrong, I’m not a racist I will never be a racist and racism won’t be tolerated here,” Badenhorst told eNCA.

Mini-Me Academy owner, Johan Badenhorst Photo: Video screenshot

While Badenhorst  denies the racism accusations, the crèche reportedly “has two designated classes catering for Afrikaans children, and the different language groups have separate areas to play, eat and sleep”.

Social media has been awash with posts criticising the holding of separate concerts and alleged segregated play, eating and sleeping areas, with users calling for a boycott of the academy while others have accused the crèche of violating the equality act.

South Africa has been battling with issues around racism, transformation and inclusivity at its educational institutions, particularly in institutions of higher learning. The Mini-Me Academy case has already ignited questions over discrimination and segregation in learning institutions and whether the country will ever be able to rid itself of this enduring problem.

Source: eNCA

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