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Sankofa Association (France)


Senegalese Support Society

7600 Maple Avenue, 707

Tocama Park, MD 20912


Senegalese Association of Michigan

Created in November 1996 the Senegalese Association Of Michigan is a support organization for Senegalese Americans and their families. Saom was established for the purpose of facilitating the cultural, social and personal development of its members and their communities.


Senegalese Community for Aid and Self Development (SENCAD)


Senegambian Community in Pittsburgh



6010 Surrey Square Lane

Forestville, MD 20747


Sanda Progressive Union

1801 16th Street NW, 305

Washington, DC 20009


Sierra Leone Institute

of Policy Studies

735 Sligo Avenue, 206

Silver Springs, MD 20901


Sierra Leone Nat. Assoc.U.S.

6010 Surrey Square Lane

Forestville, MD 20747


Sierra Visions (Sierra Leone)


Sierra Leonean Community in Greater Pittsburgh



Somali American Community Association

The mission of the Somali American Community Association is to promote the well being of refugees and immigrants through proactive services and support.

While our priority population is defined, we comply with the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that is, no person will be excluded from participating or be denied the benefits of any program, activity or service on the basis of race, sex, sexual preference, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, or disability.


Somali Bantu Association of America


Somali-Bantu Community Association of Onondaga County

The mission of the Somali Bantu Community Association of Onondaga County Inc. (SBCA) is to aid in the resettlement of refugee and immigrant groups by providing assistance, training, advocating, empowering refugee families and creating opportunities that promote self-sufficiency.


Somali Community Association of Ohio



Our mission is to advocate and promote self-sufficiency to the whole family through employment, education, cultural and social support and economic empowerment for immigrants. You are welcome regardless of color, race, ethnicity, religion, economic status and other distinctions.  We server elders, working adults, youth and children for free.


Somali Community Center of Colorado


Somali Diaspora Initiative (Germany)


Somali Diaspora UK


Somali Family Care Network


Somali Diaspora News



Somali Diaspora Organisation (Denmark)



Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce

The Sub-Saharan Africa Chamber of Commerce is a trade and investment promotion organization whose mission is to enhance mutual partnership, trade and investment with Sub-Saharan Africa. We serve as an information resource for strategic market data, as a facilitator of stakeholder networking, a broker of key transactions, and a voice for our members and business community in the creation of ideal business and economic conditions that foster growth and prosperity in the private sector.


Sudanese Christian Fellowship in Finland

The Fellowship’s main vision and objective is to help it’s members to study God’s Word and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Sudanese and others in Finland. We are an ecumenical group of people who unite with one another to encourage and pray for our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ everywhere. The members come from the following Sudanese Churches: Roman Catholic church, Lutheran Church, Anglican church, Presbyterian church of the Sudan, Presbyterian Evangelical Church, Pentecostal Churches, African Inland Church, Sudanese Church of Christ, Sudan Interior Church, New Apostolic Church, Orthodox Church and Seventh Day Adventist Church.


Sudanese Online Research Association (Australia)

The purpose of SORA is to provide a place for sharing research globally amongst people interested in the Sudanese Diaspora. SORA aims to support the development of a knowledge bank. We do this in the hope that it will ultimately aid in the provision of basic services to those Sudanese people who join the Diaspora and who then depend on sensitive service provision from nationals of their host countrie


SwaziDiaspora – Swaziland Diaspora Platform


The Swazi Diaspora Platform was born of the genuine desire by all Swazis based outside Swaziland. The aim is to have a space for reflection, engagement and open dialogue about the situation in Swaziland at all times. It shall coordinate efforts by Swazis in the Diaspora and others who would appreciate to share ideas relating to the grave situation in Swaziland and what needs to be done, including defining specific roles that can be assumed by the Diaspora community.


Swaziland Democracy Campaign


Swaziland Solidarity Network Canada

This site is a collection of articles and documents which focus on the political, social and economic issues in Swaziland. As Canadians, we are hoping to increase public awareness of the oppressive government of King Mswati III and to demand that our government actively supports democracy in this corrupt kingdom.


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