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Come August 26th, 2018, there will be a special event held at the prestigious DuSable Museum of African American History, Chicago, Illinois called “People Of Culture.” This event will be hosted annually to celebrate African culture through dance, music, lifestyle, and art.

It is the first of its kind and is expected to attract a rich cultural mix of Ghanaians, Nigerians, Senegalese, South Africans, Ethiopians and African-Americans who share similar cultural values.

The idea behind the event is to push the dialogue about Africa, foster a relationship between Africans & African Americans, and hopefully, rewrite the narrative and false stereotype of how the continent is portrayed. The key is to channel this message through creative expressions like dance, music, art, fashion, and lifestyle.

This event is the initiative of young Nigerians, Efe Iyare (Founder) Nosa Iyare (Business Manager) Brown Souibi (Creative Director) Jude Lemuel (Logistics Manager) Aamina Haykal-Iyare (Style Coordinator). A group of young minds inspired by the need to sell African cultural values to the world.

It all started as an Instagram page in 2016 called @culture_power, set up to curate African cultural content online, the page gradually built a momentum that metamorphosed into the People Of Culture event.

Established Tanzanian fashion designer Rahel Mwitula Williams will be showcasing her latest fashion collection at the event, as part of an effort to celebrate African style & culture.

Ghanaian fitness trainer Jehu Graham who has an impressive social footprint of 100,000+ followers on Instagram will be accompanied by his fitness team, “GoldCoastWarriors” to talk about fitness, health, body positivity and also showcase their Kente outfit.

There are also about 12 musicians scheduled to perform at this cultural event with music coordination by popular Nigerian- Canadian Afrobeat Deejay Dj Deemaks. The dynamic duo of Tunde & Dupe will be bringing their edginess, cheerful personality and sense of style to the red carpet.

Successful black businessmen and politicians such as Senegalese lifestyle businessman Elhadji “HAJ” Gueye, are expected at the event to mentor, support and give advice to the young generation of creatives and entrepreneurs that will make up the 500 guests in attendance.


Red Carpet

Light Dinner/Networking Session.

Music performances

Fashion display


For a chance to attend, more information or partnership inquiries, please visit or email

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