Nigerians welcome Dr Thomas Mensah at Silicon City launch

Business News of Thursday, 3 May 2018


Dr Thomas Mensah In Nigeria Dr. Mensah was invited as the Keynote Speaker at the Silicon City Development launch in Nigeria

The International Expert on Technical Innovation, Modern Infrastructure Development and Fiber Optics Pioneer; Dr. Thomas Mensah was invited by Nigerians involved in the Silicon City Development as their Keynote Speaker at their Stake Holder Conference this month.

Dr. Thomas Mensah helped identify critical components of Silicon City using examples of Great Cities like Dubai in UAE and Manchester UK and Silicon Valley California.

He noted that Manchester UK has continuously reinvented itself as being a center of Innovation recently the place of discovery of Graphene a Nanotechnology Material. According to Dr. Mensah who wrote the Book on Nanotechnology Commercialization. He emphasized that Transformation is possible

Since Dubai has transformed itself from the Desert environment with few resources to a Global Technological Marvel and Global Tourist Center.

Its Green Transportation System is the envy of the world diversifying from Crude oil to Solar Energy systems etc. Manchester a University Town continue to create Jobs with expansion of its industrial Base.

Dr. Mensah wants the Silicon City of Nigeria in the Delta Region to be a leader in Technology that can serve as a model for the entire nation of Nigeria while solving major Environmental Problems of Oil Spill that pollutes ground water on the Delta Region. He praised on going activities like the New Steel Plant, and the new plant for manufacturing Pencils in the Region. Professor Walter Ollor, Founder of Silicon City and his team invited Dr. Thomas Mensah to help guide them as they develop Silicon City, a $4 Billion Dollar Project. The City will also house Solar and Photovoltaic Farm to generate electricity for the 500,000 residents. A wind Farm and a Plant to turn Solid Waste into Electricity.

Silicon City will have a New University that will emphasize STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics that has made Silicon Valley in the US the Birthplace of Billion Dollar High Tech Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google to name a few. Silicon City will have modern transportation Systems, Mass Transit and Buses that use Batteries or LNG as well as Modern trains. There will be Physical Security including advanced Cameras as well as Drones monitoring the edges of the City.

Dr. Thomas Mensah will continue to advise the Silicon City Nigeria as his Mission is to help as many African Countries develop through Technological Innovations beginning with Ghana and South Africa.

Those Nigerians “ who always start with the statement “IT NO GO WORK” with regard to innovative proposals must watch the video he showed with an Elephant Playing Football. It is possible with Resolve from Key Leaders on the African Continent.

Dr. Mensah is a Fellow of US National Academy of Inventors, Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Ghana Institute of Engineers. He has published 4 Books on Innovation, notably

Fiber Optics Engineering 1977, Superconductor Engineering 1992, The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too an Autobiography 2013 and Nanotechnology Commercialization 2017. He holds several Patents including 7 US Patents received over a six year period. As well as Patents on the Internet of Things.

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