New African Bitcoin Documentary to Stream on Amazon Prime

The demand for Bitcoin is still rising across Africa in spite of the extensive economic crisis according to data by P2P exchanges Paxful and LocalBitcoins. Beginning this Friday, a new African Bitcoin documentary will begin streaming on Amazon Prime showing how Bitcoin is revolutionizing the continent.

Well, it turns out that the African continent is a perfect test centre for Bitcoin after all, as per the new Amazon Prime Bitcoin documentary and its accompanying report. The documentary was created by South African filmmaker Tamarin Gerriety, in partnership with cryptocurrency exchange firm Luno for award-winning production house  Documinute, based in South Africa.

The new documentary will feature big industry players such as the SatoshiCenter founder r Alakanani Itireleng of Botswana and South Africa-based Monero creator Riccardo Spagni. The documentary shows the varying lifestyles of the two industry players, from Alakanani’s farm and Spagni’s luxurious urban rooftop.

In Alakanani’s story, Bitcoin arrived too late for her son. Her son passed on before she could raise funds to cater for his costly surgery. However sad, it was through trying to save his son’s Paco life that Alakanani learnt about Bitcoin. Whatever she assimilated about the flagship digital currency delighted her- and like many people scattered around the world, she began her Bitcoin evangelism journey.

In her country, Alakanani is now referred to as  Botswana’s Bitcoin Lady. After learning about Bitcoin, she founded the nonprofit SatoshiCenter where she educates other Africans on how to use Bitcoin and how to transform their lives using the flagship cryptocurrency. Alakanani is one of the inspirational African figures featured in the new Amazon Prime Bitcoin documentary dubbed: Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution.

Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana fastest growing Bitcoin communities in Africa

Currently, it seems like Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana are the fastest developing Bitcoin communities on the continent. As per a report by market research company  DataReportal back in January, approximately 11 percent and 13 percent of Nigerian and South African internet users under the age of 64 respectively; own digital currencies in contrast with the 7% worldwide average. 

In conclusion, the new African Bitcoin Documentary is accompanied by an in-depth report on the African Bitcoin ecosystem. The study was run by Arcane Research Agency and will be released together with the documentary.

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