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Most Elumelu Fund-Seeking Entrepreneurs Are Farmers

March 2, 2015

Based on applicants for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme, most aspiring entrepreneurs are interested in exploring the agricultural sector. Of about 15,000 applicants, 6000 have completed the first phase of selection.

“The top one is agriculture, which I think is also very interesting because if you think of where agriculture was as a sector in Africa about five years ago, it was seen as something about poverty, treachery, young people certainly won’t want anything to do about agriculture,” said former Tony Elumelu Foundation CEO Dr Wiebe Boer. He added that agriculture has the potential to transform Africa both in terms of job creation, food security, nutrition and many other ways.

Applications were accepted starting Jan. 1 with an influx from more than 20 countries in the first 12 hours. This has now grown to 52 countries across Africa with a majority of applicants between the ages of 25 and 45.


Source: AFK Insider

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