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With 55.2 million subscriber base, Nigeria has the highest number of people using MTN across several African nations, according to the H1 report of Africa’s telecom giant seen by Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa on Thursday.

In the last 6 months, MTN Group increased its subscriber base in Nigeria by 5.6% to hit 55.2 million, the highest in Africa.

The group’s financial report posted by the Johannesburg telecommunication company on Wednesday, August 9, 2018, also indicated that its Nigerian subsidiary performed ahead other markets and above expectations with double-digit growth.

The company said its service revenue accelerated for the period under review.

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Increase usage and growth in data subscribers supported data revenue growth,” according to report.

Rob Shuter, Group president and CEO while commenting on the report, said Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa led the encouraging first half of 2018, with an acceleration in the second quarter, supported by an improved operational performance across many markets.

“We made good progress on our plans to list MTN Nigeria on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We do not expect any material cash inflows to the group from the IPO,” the report stated.

Here is how MTN stands in subscriber base across five African markets

1. Nigeria 55.2 million

2. South Africa 30.2 million

3. Ghana 16.5 million

4. Cameroon  6.6 million

5. Ivory Coast 11.3 million

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