Based on Minimum Order Quantities for being met for 1 gallon size and larger effective as of 5/15/2020

*We do not share the name of our strategic partners at this point, so as to prevent unsolicited calls and emails to them.  This allows them to remain focused on their primary purpose.

**This Hand Sanitizer is also in compliance with the latest FDA directive dated April 15, 2020, and meets the standards of the formula recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO).


$38.50 NOW $24.95 per gallon – By the Gallon Container – Minimum order is 256 gallons

$33.50 NOW $24.95 per gallon – By the Tote – Minimum order is 1 Tote (1 Tote holds 275 gallons)

$29.50 NOW $24.95 per gallon – By the Tanker Truck Load – Minimum order is 1 Truck Load (1 Truck holds 5,000 gallons)

$26.50 NOW $24.95 per gallon – By the Rail Car – Minimum order is 1 Rail Car (1 Rail Car holds 30,000 gallons)


We listened – Now Offering SMALLER SIZES for Wholesale Bulk Purchases


$1.95 per 2 oz bottle – ($0.98/oz) Minimum Order is 450 Cases (36 bottles per case – 16,416 bottles total)

$3.95 per 8 oz bottle – ($0.49/oz) Minimum Order is 170 Cases (24 bottles per case – 4,080 bottles total)

$4.95 per 12 oz bottle – ($0.41/oz) Minimum Order is 120 Cases (24 bottles per case – 2,880 bottles total)

$6.95 per 16.9 oz bottle – ($0.41/oz) Minimum Order is 80 Cases (24 bottles per case – 1,900 bottles total)

  • More Sizes to Come
  • We will be ADDING A GEL OPTION soon! (Per your requests)
  • We are also working on options to order lower quantities
  • Stay Tuned!
  • Our Liquid Hand Sanitizer meets all FDA & CDC recommended guidelines under March 2020 FDA Temporary Policy to address the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Prices do not include shipping (We will notify you of options and pricing upon submission of your order/request)
  • Our pricing is among the lowest and most competitive in the country
  • Companies may retail with approval.  This sanitizer is not for individuals to retail or resale.

***We now have multiple suppliers.  One of our vendors was successfully producing ethanol for gas stations.  In an effort to respond to the plea for help from the Government and the market, they refitted their operation so they could help to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The plant is successfully producing 200,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per day and  shipping all over the U.S. and U.S. territories.