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LeadMonger Launches Its Growth Agency Targeted Towards Startups In Africa

LeadMonger (formally AMI Digital) has officially launched its growth agency in Ghana. The company operates as a special niche marketing and sales services geared towards software start-ups in Africa.

The company’s business focuses on helping the continent’s tech brands to design, build, and optimize revenue engines for faster growth.

“We have noticed that, after Beta releases for most start-ups, there is a strong need to acquire users, and retain them in order to make revenue. The systematic process involved in getting this done effectively is what is lacking in this ecosystem. Overall, growth hacking has made the big tech giants like Facebook, Dropbox and Airbnb grow from a lower user base to a larger business scale, the process is a mixture of engineering, marketing strategy, design and data analysis and as a matter of fact has not been something you would really find in one person, we are bringing it all together with our advanced team and software to make growth a reality for African start-ups.” says, Sepenu Dominic, the company’s  C.E.O and co-founder.

The business would provide services in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, DR. Congo, and South Africa through working through partners and representatives while its main business is operated from Ghana. Start-ups would benefit from over 15 years of experience in the following services: Growth Marketing, Sales Development, B2B Sales As a Service, Brand Communications, and Marketing Technology software delivery.


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