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Lagos Wahala: Help, Washing Machine needs fixing!

A daily wahala from Lagos!
A good friend recently returned from the diaspora, just had her washing machine break down. It has been hard to find a decent technician to fix it, the one she found promised he could fix it but it has been more than a week and the man and the parts he took are nowhere to be found. what to do, hmmmm, get a washerman temporarily, from experience it can be a good or terrible adventure depending on the washerman. Where is my machine Biko? She is asking, terrible timing imagine packing up at the beginning of the year! I guess as always in our lives you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.
Please join us at the Diaspora Community forum (add link) to discuss and thrash this issue and please share your tips if you have a good guy or girl technician in the Lagos area who can help our friend out with her washing machine.
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