Keys to Success in Corporate America for Africans in Diaspora

The initial Culture Shock of working in Corporate America can be compared to walking outside the doors of Chicago O’Hare International airport in the middle of January without a winter coat. Luckily, the aftermath of the initial shock is not as severe as weather related health issues.

However, being in a new work place environment in a different part of the world in pursuit of your dreams can be quite intimidating and challenging if one is not fully prepared prior to undertaking a new step in life. Like preparations for nuptials or the arrival of an offspring, getting into, and staying in Corporate America requires some basic survival skills to stay relevant in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Here are the top 4 keys to success in being relevant in Corporate America for Africans in Diaspora –


Regardless of what level of education you had in Africa prior to coming to America, it is well advised to seek further education in preparation for life in a different continent. There’s been differentiated schools of thought on this topic, most especially among those arriving the country with higher degrees and qualifications in their professional fields. While their views and opinions do have some agreeable aspects to it, the advice to pursue further or complementary education is a sound one for a few reasons.

  1. First, a local or national degree or certification is recognizable on a resume and makes employers/managers more receptive to exploring your other qualifications and experience to keep or elevate you on your current job.
  2. Second, going through the educational process in the United States is fundamental to understanding the socio/economic fabric of the new society you are in. It serves as an enabler in a seamless transition process from one society to another.
  3. Thirdly, learning the American culture is also of value to diasporas as seeking further education will expose one to their new environments style of communicating, mannerisms, laws, policies, thought processes and etiquettes. This is always a great asset when you start your journey in Corporate America or in starting your own business
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, it continues to be your go-to educational reference for professional elevation within your current, or future organizations. In other words, it is the platform that launches your corporate career.

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