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June 19, 2015

While some women enjoy wearing hair extensions or applying straighteners, a good majority prefer to tote their natural hair, confident that it is just as beautiful. In tandem with the #TeamNatural movement, they have become even more inspired to flaunt a variety of original yet stylish hairdos. With many black female celebrities letting their natural hair run free, the definition of “good hair” just got a little messier.

The playful and adventurous elements of natural hair has a way of reminding you of how much you dreaded growing up — the long hours spent on the playground, with little or no responsibility and, lastly, the very comfortable way of dressing. This is because as you get older everything becomes a lot more complicated. Judging by how viral the natural look has become, this trend may simply be some sort of childhood nostalgia. The same instances of your mother breaking a comb while attempting to untangle your hair or that frustration with the results of a twist look that took hours to style. Going through this all over again is one of the reasons why women chemically straighten their hair the minute they get a chance, but I guess #TeamNatural would beg to differ.

The kinky, coily and curly hair is adorable just as it is polished and regal, ask Kilo Kish! But although the young American artiste told Into The Gloss that her natural hair “is actually harder to maintain than straightened hair or weaves,” her looks tells you that the hard work is paying off.

The European standards for beauty have over the years become so deeply-rooted in our collective psyche that going natural is considered adventurous while wearing big weaves or a wig is more expected. We forget that natural hair is as much of a retro style as Polka dot dresses, which had taken over the fashion scene from the 1920s to the 1960s before its phenomenal comeback.

Natural hair takes away concerns about what your exact hair length is, as long as it is healthy. In the world of weaves and other extensions or treatment, you mostly have to give up swimming or intense workout sessions for the fear of messing your hair up.

When you consider the history of black hair, its culture and complexity becomes clear. The fact is despite its evolution over the years, wearing a natural look has always been a matter of choice. The only difference is that the “older you” would have to purchase a good kit, finding the best possible way to maintain that thick, curly and frizzy hair all by yourself.

Source: Ventures Africa

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