Health & Safety

Please consult your doctor in order to get your routine vaccinations checked up and renewed, if necessary.

These immunizations include:
1. Typhoid
2. Hepatitis A and B
3. Influenza
4. Chickenpox
5. Polio
5. Tetanus
7. Pertussis
8. Diphtheria
9. Rubella
10. Measles/Mumps/Rubella

Other vaccinations might be recommendable depending on the location and on the duration of that stay. Additionally, a recent yellow fever vaccination is one of the prerequisites for the STR visa and thus for your new life in Nigeria.

Please keep in mind that malaria is quite common in Nigeria. Unfortunately, there is no immunization, although there are some anti-malarial drugs on the market. In order to avoid malaria you should wear long sleeves as well as long pants in bright colors and use insect repellents. Whenever possible, sleep under a mosquito net.

Diarrhea is a problem that befalls many in Diaspora on their first trip to Nigeria after a long absence. It is also problematic for many Nigerians, especially children. Please ensure you have an adequate supply of diarrhea medication. Stick to bottled water or freshly brewed hot beverages and thoroughly cooked foods in order to avoid stomach trouble.