Head to Head AFCON meetings

With group stage matches concluded, qualified teams will turn their attention to the business end of the competition- the knock-out stages. Already, we have mouth-watering fixtures in the offing, one of which is the clash between perennial rivals Nigeria and Cameroon. Here, Vanguard takes a look at the AFCON history between teams that were paired in the Second Round of 2019 African Cup of Nations.


Morocco v Benin
31.01.2004 Sfax (Group Stage) Morocco 4-0 Benin

Uganda v Senegal
Have not played before in AFCON history

Nigeria v Cameroon
18.03.1984 Abidjan (Final) Cameroon 3-1 Nigeria

17.03.1988 Rabat (Group Stage) Cameroon 1-1 Nigeria

27.03.1988 Casablanca (Final) Cameroon 1-0 Nigeria

25.01.1992 Dakar (Third Place) Nigeria 2-1 Cameroon

13.02.2000 Lagos (Final) Nigeria 2-2 (3-4 penalties) Cameroon

08.02.2004 Monastir (Quarter Finals) Cameroon 1-2 Nigeria

Egypt v South Africa
24.01.1996 Johannesburg (Group Stage) South Africa 0-1 Egypt

28.02.1998 Ouagadougou (Final) South Africa 0-2 Egypt

Madagascar v DR Congo
Have not played before in AFCON history

Algeria v Guinea
16.03.1980 Ibadan (Group Stage) Algeria 3-2 Guinea

08.02.1998 Ouagadougou (Group Stage) Algeria 0-1 Guinea

Mali v Cote d’Ivoire
10.04.1994 Tunis (Third Place) Cote d’Ivoire 3-1 Mali

29.01.2008 Accra (Group Stage) Cote d’Ivoire 3-0 Mali

08.02.2012 Libreville (Semifinal) Mali 0-1 Cote d’Ivoire

24.01.2015 Malabo (Group Stage) Cote d’Ivoire 1-1 Mali

Ghana v Tunisia
24.11.1963 Accra (Group Stage) Ghana 1-1 Tunisia

21.11.1965 Tunis (Final) Ghana 3-2 Tunisia

14.03.1978 Accra (Semifinal) Ghana 1-0 Tunisia

12.03.1982 Tripoli (Group Stage) Ghana 1-0 Tunisia

19.01.1996 Port Elizabeth (Group Stage) Ghana 2-1 Tunisia

09.02.1998 Ouagadougou (Group Stage) Ghana 2-0 Tunisia

05.02.2012 Franceville (Quarter Finals) Ghana 2-1 Tunisia

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