‘Ghana can learn from Nigeria for growth of film industry,’ says Peter Sedufia

Ghana and Nigeria have always had a healthy competition, which dates back to decades ago. Unlike Ghana, however, Nigeria’s industry has fast evolved to become globally competitive, enjoying the number two spot in the world after Bollywood in terms of the number of productions. In an interview with The Africa Report, filmmaker Peter Sedufia explains why.

For Sedufia, the week started off with quite an intense pace. It was not until midweek, when things seemed to have slowed down, that we were able to catch up with him via Zoom for a chat about Ghana’s film industry.

To understand the current situation, it is important for us to give some context: Ghana comes second to Nigeria in terms of the number of movies produced annually, but the gap is wide. Nigeria produces about 2,600 movies a year compared to Ghana’s 600.

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