Fish Farms Helping to Promote Development in Ghana

Ainoo-Ansah Farms Ltd is a Ghanaian-owned enterprise that operates as a fish hatchery. It produces and supplies tilapia fingerlings to fish farmers throughout the country. The farm also exports tilapia fingerlings to Nigeria and South Africa.

Mr. Jacob Ainoo-Ansah is the proprietor of Ainoo-Ansah Farms Ltd. He has a master’s degree in business leadership, and corporate strategy and a doctorate in Business Administration.

Ainoo-Ansah Farms is located at Okyereko near Winneba in the Central region of Ghana. It has a large field of aquaculture facilities for the breeding of fish right from the egg stage through the maturity stage for both tilapia and other species of fish stock. The farm employs tested hatchery technology and equipment from industry leaders and constantly innovates for higher operational efficiency. Ainoo-Ansah Farms collaborates with two Ghanaian Universities; the University of Cape Coast and the University of Energy and Natural Resources for internships, research, and joint projects on fish farming. The partnership is aimed at helping to train Ghanaians in fish farming to produce enough fish for local consumption and export.

The farm embarks on periodic training programmes for fish farmers to teach them new skills required in the industry. The series of training programmes draw participants from academia, financial institutions as well as individuals from the neighbouring countries in the sub-region. The training is aimed at preparing persons who want to venture into the production of fish and also to help those already in the fish farming business to do well.

Ainoo-Ansah Farms Ltd. was originally established as a fish hatchery and fingerlings bank for tilapia. Now, the farm is also into piggery, employing innovations that reduce the odour that emanates from the typical traditional pigsty. Under the brand name “Efirititi”, the farm is into smoking and packaging fish and pork for sale. Currently, Ainoo-Ansah Farms is focused on the processing of ready-to-eat meals. The idea is to meet the needs of busy professionals, security services, persons with restrictions, travelers, students, busy families, and persons with modern lifestyles. The farm’s ready-to-eat meals include waakye, jollof rice, “shito”, fante kenkey, smoked fish, and smoked pork. The products have a shelf life of one year and have been certified by the Ghana Standards Authority and the Food and Drugs Authority.

Aside from helping to provide an alternative source of employment to some Ghanaians, Ainoo-Ansah farms Ltd seeks to be the preferred fish hatchery and fingerlings bank for tilapia in Ghana and beyond.


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