It is advisable to open up a bank account as soon as you can from the moment you make the decision to move back home. If you engage on several “recon” trips (which is strongly advisable), walk into a bank branch on one of these trips and ask them about opening a bank account. Bank employees are usually quite happy to do this for you and will facilitate the process. Some banks such as GTB also now offer the option of opening an account online.

To open a current/savings account you generally need to:
• Fill out an application form
• Bring in a utility bill with your stated address on it (it does not have to be addressed to you specifically)
• 2 passport photographs
• A National ID card

Many banks offer Non-­‐Resident Nigerian accounts for Nigerians who live abroad or those looking to move back to Nigeria. These accounts tend to be limited in the services offered and may not be transferable in Nigeria, so make sure you ask about the fine print. When opening your account with a Nigerian bank, enquire about other types of accounts as well – a domiciliary foreign currency account for example – and don’t forget to sign up for internet banking, sms alerts, mobile banking, Mastercard/Visa cards, etc, that are readily available. To find out about Pension Fund Administrators

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