Fica simplified: A selfie with your ID book

DURBAN – Mama Money has the easiest online registration process using an app, taking a photo and a selfie.

This is a first of its kind in South Africa and has got a stamp of approval from the South African Reserve Bank and the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Raphael Grojnowski, co-founder of Mama Money explained the process of registering. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to register:

1. Download the Mama Money Family App from the Google Play store.

2. Enter your contact details

3. Take a photo of your passport or ID document and a selfie of you holding the document. 

These are all the steps needed to start sending money home. The entire process takes less the three minutes said Grojnowski. 

Financial services in South Africa are very hard to access for migrants who earning money from informal jobs. We help them send money back to their families in an easier more affordable way. 

The Mama Money registration process removes the requests for documents that the migrants don’t have. The option to self register is on the app. Other ways to register is to do it in person at a PEP store or with a Mama Money agent. 

According to Grojnowski this the addition will also make it more convenient for foreign nationals employers and higher income foreign nationals to register their employees online. 

Mama Money was launched in 2015 to allow for payments to cross borders from South Africa to Zimbabwe. Now they have expanded to Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and India.

Mama Money has charged a rate of 5% on the exchange rate since their inception. A lower rate than the costs of other African and international money transfer companies.

Mama Money has had tremendous growth in all corridors according to Grojnowski. Their business had tripled since this year Marchand they currently have 1000000 customers. 

Mama Money is the first socila business for money transfers in the world. Grojnowski said that they want to help families send and receive money, at a fair price, by mobilising advanced cost saving technology.


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